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Mauricio "Mo" Estrada

Mauricio Estrada, better known as 'Mo' by friends and family, was born in Medellin Colombia. Mo has Always been passionate about the arts, and has used his creativity to excel in his professional endeavors. An Emmy Award winning videographer, as well as a musical ambassador, Mo is also passionate about the haunt industry. It's his combined love for all things art, that has elevated his desire to be the best and leave a lasting impression to those who work with him.

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Brian Alvarez

Brian Alvarez, from Cali, Colombia, Head of Operations and Assistant to the GM at Big Bus Tours, in Miami, Florida, joined the crew in 2005. Starting off in ticket sales, Brian's passion to serve others has taken him through a great path of learning to communicate with clients. Establishing rapport and trust through his communication and leadership skills have allowed him to see great growth within his company. It's that desire to build relationships that have driven him to become just that for

"No Way Out", a bridge between our crew and all present and future 


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Osmel "Ozzy" Nieves

Osmel Nieves, "Ozzy" for short was Born in Habana, Cuba. His parents brought him to Miami, FL at age 11, where he quickly learned the language and adapted to his new life far away from home. Creative by nature, Ozzy has always been involved in an artistic environment, which led him to start a Multi-Media Company 5 years ago specializing in Photography, Videography, Creative Design, Web Design, and Specialty Printing.

Ozzy Founder of  "Go InkCredible" has always been

attracted to horror films, Special Effects Make up, and fascinated by haunted houses. Bringing his experience in the creative world to his ever lasting love for blood and gore.


Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Having recently graduated from Florida International University with a bachelors degree in Communications, he has always had a passion for videography, editing, and special effects. Alex has recently become involved in the haunt industry but has quickly become amazed and captured by it. It lets him to open up his creative windows, allowing even the impossible to be created.

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