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How it all started...

"Our vision came together several years ago when the

creative minds behind it all, came together

and created the first haunted house in 1996.

While this started as something to do 'for fun',

it quickly took  off and became a yearly event for

family, friends, and everyone in the surrounding 

community. The more Haunts we created, the more

our vision began forming an identity.

At the center of it all was a maze, one that all

visitors had to find their way out of.

Thus, 'No Way Out' was born. With

time, and experience, it became more

intricate, more horrifying, the costumes,

make up and set design grew. Eventually

we began putting together a production,

with cast and crew members to help.

the film
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The facts
The mission


How Far We've Made it

Our shot came when we landed

our first BIG opportunity.

We were presented with the idea

of bringing our HAUNT to

the Miami Heat at American Airline Arena,

in attempt to create some scares and fun

for the players of the NBA Heat franchise.

It was a total success.


Our Goal is to provide

that same opportunity,

that same scare and production, to you.

We are the ONLY Haunt

that works with clients to bring

"NO WAY OUT"  exclusively to you 

to provide that scare for your guests

in your own space. 

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